Accordions, squeeze-boxes, polkas, two-steps, waltzes, Fiddler on the Roof, and Lawrence Welk. The time tested traditional sounds of the accordion show that the art is still alive and well. Target Entertainment provides skilled accordionists for weddings, parties, celebrations and special events.

The World of Accordions

The World of Accordions

Performances on the keyboard accordion, the 10-row Cajun button accordion or the full voiced 3-row button accordions can demonstrate a wide variety of music from all styles and genres. What could be more fun? More melodious or atmospherically quaint? Accompanied with a costume of choice, the accordionist can assume the decor of an Oktoberfest meister, the Frenchness of Parisian Cafe style, New Orleans Mardi-gras, Polkas from Pennsylvania, or the minor and emotional dirges of an eastern europe festival or Jewish wedding. 


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