For Entertainers

Target welcomes all musicians. Those interested in performing commercially may send contact info via email. Use the contact form with a brief message describing your skills.

Target prides itself on the quality and caliber of the individual. We expect certain considerations out of our entertainers when they perform.

Musicians and entertainers must

  • Be on time
  • Be pleasant and agreeable to all customers and environments
  • Wear appropriate dress
  • Have a cell phone, email address and voice mail
  • Be clean and manicured. (That means no 3-day old beards)
  • Dress codes are strictly adhered to
  • Alcohol abuse at any performance will not be tolerated
  • Entertainers must  respect the customer and the mission
  • Entertainers must have acceptable equipment
  • Entertainers will sign liability waiver forms
  • Entertainers are considered independent contractors
  • Entertainers will sign 1-year anti-competition agreements
  • Entertainers must respect the craft of the working musician

Target reserves the right to remove, fire, or legally resolve disputes against any entertainer, musician or party who violates these basic tenets. c. 2013