The Art of Barbeque

'When Pigs Fly' hand-made John Deere powered  rotisserie BBQ unit

‘When Pigs Fly’
hand-made John Deere powered rotisserie BBQ unit

This rig is constructed from a mobile home frame, an old Maytag washing machine and a 1937 ‘hit and miss’ John Deere farm engine. Completely original in design, concept and construction, including the leather belts, colors and scribed ID plate.

In the south BBQ is king. Presenting it is a whole ‘nuther matter. Especially when it comes down to North Carolina Eastern BBQ with vinegar based sauces or South Carolina mustard based BBQ contrasted with the tomato heavy flavors of Texas. While everybody has their own favorite flavor and style, we have found that the best BBQ you can find is made by the hands of the “back-yard” chef. 

In Black Mountain, there are a special group of friends with exceptional mechanical and engineering skills. They spend their spare time building unique rigs like the one pictured above. Not only are these machines great conversation pieces, they cook a mean chicken wing. This unit along with a team of three cooks & handlers can be available for parties and corporate events. For more info about this BBQ unit or others click here.