Irish & Celtic

Jigs, 4-leaf clovers, reels,  and hornpipes are all part of the Irish experience. The area of the world defined as Celtic includes the entire United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland and the coastal area of Normandy France. Over the centuries, the “wearin’ of the green” has implied the sage story of the Irish journey from starvation to joy, war to the pubs, and from the blighted homeland to the far reaches of the world. You can find Irish culture and music in New York as easily as you can find it in New Zealand or Australia to Anaheim. With step-dancers, popular traveling shows like “Celtic Woman” or great dishes like Irish Stew or Bangers and Mash, the proud nation has millions of native sons and daughters in all elements of transition. Every year on  March 17th it is time to celebrate this amazing story.

Wearin' o the Green

Wearin’ o the Green

Target Entertainment has blood roots in the Celtic heritage.  We love the traditional sentimental tunes and ballads of old as well as the rowdy and rockin’ pub songs of the Pogues, the Young Dubliners and Sharon Shannon. Celtic music is easily interpreted in a many contemporary genres. Some of our musicians were brought up in the Boston area and have played or have been part of Irish music and culture all their lives. In North Carolina, Irish music is kept alive at great pubs like Ri-Ra’s in Charlotte and Raleigh or Jack of the Wood in Asheville.  Target Entertainment’s “Boys of Buncombe” provide duos to full 8 piece bands that rock the tradition.

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