Accordions! Lederhosen! Einz, zwei, G’suffa!

Asheville Octoberfest inaugaral parade and keg tap

Asheville 2012 Octoberfest
inaugural parade and keg tapping

The sounds of Munich and Bavaria on Wall St. in downtown Asheville

From the last week of September thru the middle of October, the world reknowned Munich Hofbrauhaus celebrates Oktoberfest with accordions, oompah bands, and polka music. Asheville has developed it’s own unique and very popular annual gathering of 3000 revelers dressed in all things German. The men wear distinguished Bavarian costumes while the women exhibit their  revealing “St Pauli Girl”dresses and garments. All in good fun.

And what could be more fun that all this mixed with keg beer?… of course, an accordion, an oompah brass band or the chicken dance? Target Entertainment has a variety of musicians and dancers who love Octoberfest. With the explosion of “craft” beer  brewing in Asheville, this mountain burg is the ideal place to augment your celebration or fall wedding.

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