How Much Does It Cost?

Generally, the price range for solo musicians to full bands can run from about $300 to $2500 in the Asheville area, depending on any several factors. We try to be flexible and will work within the customer’s budget range where possible to find the best entertainment for your dollar. However, there are certain caveats to pricing. Popular bands, corporate and wedding celebrations  will charge professional rates. Common or local “working” bands (rock, blues, modern country, etc) or casual/hobby players will charge less due to competition for opportunity.

Here are some ways to approach price negotiation:

  • Budget: How much do you plan on spending on your event?
  • Date: What day is the event? Saturdays, especially from April thru October, tend to be the highest demand for a date and therefore, the highest cost.
  • Location: Where is the event? Do the musicians have to travel very far to the event. Transportation costs must be considered as well as the time it takes to travel.
  • Size of the group? Solo or a duo/trio? A full band?
  • Length of Event? Most event pricing is based on 1 to 4 hours.
  • Type of music: the more common the music style, the more available it is and therefore less expensive. Unique styles or forms that require years of training can charge a premium. For instance: a classical trio or a solo accordion player.
  • Sound system, lights, stage? These items are nice add-ons and will affect the overall package price, unless the band travels with this gear on board. Most venues will provide a stage and/or main speakers.

Like many entertainment providers, we earn a commission for booking. Often a band or entertainer will request a certain minimum amount for any event appearance. This amount plus commission will be the total price the customer is offered and will be specific to your event.

Find out more about pricing bands or consultation for your event here