The Boys of Buncombe

Boys of Buncombe 2013

Boys of Buncombe 2013


The Boys of Buncombe are primarily a Celtic and old-time string band  group specializing in the traditional and contemporary music of Ireland, Scotland, the United Kingdom as well as the descendant variations found throughout the Appalachian south. From ancient ballads to progressive pub tunes, the Boys can create the atmosphere to suit any pint of Guinness. Their style also suits the contra-dance music played at events and festivals from  the Carolinas to New England. Some of the music is elegant, some is humorous and some is down right drivin’ hoe-down music. Vastly different from commercial bluegrass, The Boys of Buncombe perform it beautifully and elegantly. This group features:

  • fiddle
  • accordion
  • guitar
  • bass
  • three part vocals

A drummer, pennywhistle, banjo, and mandolin are all added instruments.


Canyon Gals

Sally McClennane

When Ye Go Away

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