The Ribtips Featuring Ian Moore

Ian Moore is simply amazing.

Ian Moore is a young fiddler from Sylva,NC who is highly recognizable by his dancing and singing antics as well as his hard charging violin skills. He has been involved in the Asheville music and theater scene for over 8 years and can sometimes be found busking with sidekick John Mulholland (on washboard) in front of the Flatiron building on warm days or composing music to choreographers at the Diana Wortham Theater. He is a lot of fun to watch and his witty repartee can be hilarious. In fact, he is so much fun, the Asheville Chamber of Commerce used him and his group, the Rib Tips, in a promotional video that was aired nationally in 2006.

Much of Ian’s skill and talent comes from his avid interest in old-time jazz, fiddle, and swing hokum tunes of yesteryear. With a voice like Al Jolson and feet as quick as Bo Jangles, Ian is a show unto himself. Always dressed smartly, the Rib Tips compliment Ian’s style and create a high energy show that visits all areas of western swing, jazz, bawdy Celtic ballads, mountain fiddle tunes plus erroneous calypso and punk-era melodies.

Watching Ian is half the fun. Listed are several links to Ian that you can peruse at your leisure.

Explore Asheville Promo

Ribtips at Mount Dungeon

The Rib Tips have a storied history. Due to a couple of changes in jobs and Ian’s wistful attempt to relocate (unsuccessfully) in Canada, the Tips have been making the rounds again with a two year old line-up that utilizes the amazing washtub bass skills of Tall Paul Leech (County Farm Band, Bayou Diesel) along with the energetic western swing style guitar of Steve Burnside, another Asheville local who is involved in several local groups (Bayou Diesel, Consultants of Swing, Cisco Playboys).

In many ways, this band is an improvement from the older days. Steve, featured on the Chicken Alley CD (accordion and mandolin) has moved to guitar. With the addition of  the unflappable Tall Paul’s amazing washtub skills or the hilarious Adam Bigelow on the doghouse bass, the quartet is a solid machine everywhere they play!

Ribtips @Harrahs Casino

Adam is a Ribtip too!


Who Broke the Lock on The Hen House Door (Bele Chere, Asheville 2010)

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